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Getting Over a Friend Who Plays with Your Feelings: A Guide

It can be difficult and hurtful when someone you care about plays with your feelings and pretends to like you. It's important to remember that this behavior is not okay and that you deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. Here are a few steps you can take to help yourself get over this situation:

  1. Take some time to process your feelings. It's normal to feel hurt, confused, and angry when someone treats you this way. Allow yourself to experience these emotions and talk to someone you trust about how you're feeling.

  2. Distance yourself from the person. If the person keeps playing with your feelings and pretending to like you, it's important to distance yourself from them. This might mean spending less time with them, avoiding certain situations where you know they'll be, or even ending the friendship altogether.

  3. Focus on your own well-being. While you're going through this difficult time, it's important to take care of yourself. This might mean practicing self-care, spending time with supportive friends and family, and engaging in activities that make you happy.

  4. Seek support. It can be helpful to talk to someone about what you're going through, whether it's a therapist, counselor, or close friend or family member. They can provide you with guidance and support as you work through your feelings and move past this difficult situation.

  5. Remember that you deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. It's important to recognize that the person's behavior is not okay and that you deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. Remind yourself that you are worth more than how this person has treated you, and that you deserve to be with someone who truly cares about you.

It can be difficult to get over someone who keeps playing with your feelings, but by taking care of yourself and seeking support, you can move past this situation and find someone who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated.


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